RYZE Claim Solutions is anchored by the strengths of the companies brought together to form this powerful hub of comprehensive claims services. With expansive service offerings, multiple business lines expertise, and comprehensive claims knowledge, RYZE provides a wide range of solutions over a vast geographic area. RYZE takes pride in being the standard-bearer in the claims services world.


Daily Property


RYZE Claim Solutions provides residential and commercial property adjusting services throughout the United States. With a blend of staff and contract independent adjusters, RYZE has a knowledgeable and experienced team of adjusters capable of meeting your specific needs.


To support the servicing of daily claims, RYZE employs a team of skilled General Adjusters and Executive General Adjusters who are experienced handling losses of all sizes along with the most complex claim assignments.




RYZE Claim Solutions mobilizes and dispatches adjusters to work catastrophe claims throughout the country every year. Blends of staff adjusters as well as pre-qualified and trained independent adjusters are used to service a wide scope of client needs. Depending on the size of the catastrophe and client specifications, RYZE’s catastrophe team handles events ranging from a few dozen claims to tens of thousands of claims seamlessly for our clients.




The RYZE Claim Solutions flood leaders have been a significant force in the flood adjusting industry for over 20 years. In the world of property insurance claims adjusting, flood claims are unique. Our flood team has been on-site managing operations and adjusters at every catastrophic flood event since 1993.


RYZE handles all types of flood claims to include write your own (WYO), FEMA/NFIP, excess, lender placed and private policies. With an extensive network of licensed and authorized flood adjusters, and as a recognized FEMA/NFIP flood mentor, RYZE is capable of handling single assignment flood claims as well as handling a large quantity of claims associated with a large catastrophic flood event.


Third Party Administration (TPA)/Claims Administration


RYZE Claim Solutions provides comprehensive Third Party Administration (TPA)/Claims Administration services throughout the United States for both personal and commercial insurance carriers. With a deep bench of experience in handling programs for insurance carriers, self-insured entities, program administrators, risk retention groups, and managing general agents, RYZE is experienced at customizing programs specific to individual client needs.  Skilled at handling claims from first notice of loss through payment or as an outsourced claims overflow provider in catastrophes, the RYZE team can meet all your needs.




RYZE Claim Solutions offers a broad range of casualty adjusting services throughout the United States, including commercial liability, personal liability, product liability, trucking and auto liability. Among the comprehensive services performed by this specialty team are full investigations, scene investigations and canvases, and witness location. With more than 20 years’ experience each, RYZE’s casualty managers and examiners provide extensive management and review of each individual, unique claim.




Quality, accuracy, and customer service are cornerstones for every insurance claims operation. Today it is more important than ever to ensure that field inspections are performed accurately and customer service is key. RYZE Claim Solutions is proud to partner with clients to evaluate the claims handling process through in-depth reinspections. Tailored to your company’s unique requirements, RYZE can implement a detailed and effective program for a singular catastrophe or throughout the entire country.




The claims handling process has many moving parts that encompass claim handling guidelines, file quality, field adjusting practices, examining and settlement oversight, all of which must be done with accurate reserves. It also includes some subtle considerations such as the organization’s claims classification philosophy and even the culture of the carrier.  By utilizing our unique third party perspective and sophisticated analytics, RYZE can offer deep insight and uncover the nuances of the claims process within your organization that may impact efficiency, work flow and bottom line profitability. Unlike other time and resource intensive audits, our team employs an efficient, fast track, deep-dive methodology that provides practical options for immediate implementation.


Appraisal Services


Despite the highest quality and most accurate adjustments, disputes with policyholders sometime arise. Companies and consumers alike have benefited from using the appraisal process for many years to resolve these disputes as an efficient and cost effective alternative to litigation. Skilled, impartial appraisers are crucial to reaching an appropriate resolution. RYZE Claim Solutions utilizes a vast network of skilled general adjusters and executive general adjusters to serve as appraisers throughout the country.